Anam gets Arzoo arrested while Sahir bails her out; Arzoo’s family get shocked and decide to leave for Lucknow in Sony’s Humsafars.

In Humsafars, Arzoo informs Alvira about Nausheen being in the hospital and requests her to let her go to Lucknow. Alvira agrees. Farha informs Sarfaraz that she has thrown Nausheen and her family out of Lucknow home. He gets sad thinking about his mom. Zaki meets Arzoo and returns her anklet. Arzoo gets happy and thanks him. He invites her to come out with him. They go on a long drive. Arzoo drives the car and stops the car for a walk. Sahir sees them on the road talking to each other and assumes that Arzoo told lie and took leave to meet Zaki.

Kurti Apa scolds Arzoo once she reaches home and asks her to make food. Arzoo decides to make Kadi chawal as Sahir needs food to be served at 9:30. Servant says it is not prepared since many years. Arzoo insists that they should prepare kadi chawal only. Kurti Apa gets a chance and scolds Arzoo again. Alvira informs Arzoo that they haven’t prepared it since 7 years. Anam asks Arzoo to apologize to Kurti Apa. Arzoo refuses. Kurti Apa starts crying fakely. Alvira asks Arzoo to apologize to Kurti. Arzoo apologizes and thinks to find out the secret behind Kadi Chawal. Arzoo comes to office and sees all staff hurriedly working. She is being informed that Sahir comes for 2 hours only on Thursdays and they have to rush. Anam shows the designs to Sahir which he throws saying Sayyara is known for its original designs and threatens her to make Zaki VP of the company. Anam scolds her helpers for giving her old designs. Arzoo informs Alvira about Sahir scolding Anam. Anam warns Arzoo to stay in her limits.

Alvira calls Nausheen and invites them to come to Mumbai. She says she will send tickets for them. Kurti Apa thinks to find out why Alvira is favouring Arzoo and her family. Anam’s secretary asks Arzoo to meet their client at Rockstone club. Anam then asks the Police to raid the club if he wants to get into page 3. Zaki calls Arzoo and comes to know that she is going to club to meet a client. He tries to stop her and hurriedly rushes towards the club. Arzoo reaches the club and asks bartender about client Santosh. She thinks she has to get out of the place soon. Zaki reaches club and tries to take her out, but inspector arrests and drags them into van. While in the Police station, Zaki calls Sahir, btut his phone is out of reach. Kurti Apa informs Anam that Alvira called Arzoo’s family and they are coming in the morning. Anam gets happy and says let them see Arzoo behind bars.

Constable calls Alvira, but she doesn’t pick the call. In the morning Kurti Apa informs Alvira that Arzoo did not come home yet and was missing whole night. Alvira calls Arzoo, but constable picks her call and informs her about Arzoo being arrested in rave party. He asks her to come and bail her out. Alvira gets shocked and tries calling Sahir in vain. Inspector informs Sahir about Zaki in the lock up. Sahir reaches police station and bails out Zaki. Inspector says there is a girl with him and if he will bail her out. Sahir refuses to bail any stranger. Zaki tries to reason with him and asks him to bail her out for his sake. Sahir gets angry. Driver drops Arzoo’s family outside police station.

Arzoo’s family enter and are shocked to see her behind bars. Dadi asks Sahir why is Arzoo behind bars. Sahir bails out Arzoo. She comes out crying vigorously. Zaki tells Nausheen and family that Arzoo had gone to a club on company’s work and was arrested by mistake. Arzoo’s family reaches Avlira’s home. Alvira greets them in and apologizes for not being able to take care of Arzoo. Anam and Kurti Apa taunt them. Kurti apa accuses Arzoo for spoiling their family’s name.

Sahir asks Zaki why did he go to club. Zaki informs her that she had gone there for company’s work. Sahir tells him that they have to take care of her until she is in our house. Anam calls news reporter and asks him/her to publish Zaki’s arrest news. Zaki tells her that he knows she is behind the incident. Anam says no one will believe him. Arzoo hugs Nausheen and apologizes. Kurti Apa starts her drama and gets successful to stay at home. Arzoo tells her family that one day she will buy a big house for them in Mumbai and hopes her dreams will be fulfilled. Arzoo thinks to thank Sahir for bailing her out. Anam brings newspaper with report on Zaki and Arzoo’s arrest. Anam and Kurti Apa accuse Arzoo and call her shameless. Nausheen declares that they will go back to Lucknow. Alvira and Zaki try to stop them. Nausheen asks Alvira to do one last favour on them and asks her to send them back. Keep reading.