Gayatri asks Aman to convince his Dadi; Aman informs Akanksha about his decision; Dadi insults Agarwal family in Sony’s Itti Si Khushi.

In Itti Si Khushi, Aman confesses to Gayatri that he loves only Neha and refuses to marry Akanksha. Shagun overhears their conversation and gets tensed. Sunita asks Akansha if Aman talked to her. Akanksha says no. Dida says if there was something then Gayatri would have told them. Neha comes out and finds everyone all worried. Dida tells her that they were just thinking about why Gayatri left so suddenly. Neha says they shall call her. They decide to wait till morning. Shagun tells her mom Rekha about hearing Aman and Gayatri’s talk. She gets worried. Rekha tells her that if Akanksha gets married then the money which she earns and spends at this house will stop. It is good if Aman likes Neha. Shagun worries for Akanksha. Rekha asks her to keep quiet about it. Aman apologizes to Gayatri for hurting her. Gayatri asks Aman if he is sure he will be happy with Neha and not with Akanksha. Aman tells her that he will be very happy with Neha. Gayatri asks him to convince his Dadi as her decision doesn’t matter. Jayanti overhears them and heads to Dadi’s room to tell her.

Shagun tries to talk to Sandeep but he seems to be angry with her for not being able to say anything to her mother. Jayanti tries to talk ito Dadi in sign language as it is her maun vrat today. Dadi sleeps. Aman comes to Neeta and asks her to call Akanksha as he wants to talk to her. Akanksha messages to meet him outside her home. Aman comes there and mistakes Neha to be Akanksha. He starts telling her what is in his heart. Neha gets confused. Aman tells her that he spoke to his maa. Neha gets up and requests him not to tell her mom about her eating ice cream at night. He couldn’t stop laughing as she continues to talk. They share a small eye lock as Neha gets scared of rat. Akanksha comes to meet him. Aman confesses to her that he loves Neha. He tells her that he shall marry her as she becomes real Aman whenever he is with her. Akanksha hides her feelings and smiles. Akanksha tells him that she will talk to her parents.

Akanksha comes to Neha and blames herself for Neha’s condition. She tells her that she is returning her Aman and giving Itti Si Khushi. Sunita calls Gayatri to know about the engagement arrangements. Gayatri postpones it to tomorrow.Anand gets tensed too. Neha brings face pack for Akanksha, who refuses to apply on her face and applies on Neha’s face. Sunita and Dida compliment Neha. Sunita asks Neha to come with her to Gayatri’s house to give Shagun’s mehendi. Neha says no. Sunita insists. Neha feigns a leg sprain. Dida convinces her. Jayanti breaks her maun vrat and tells Dadi that Aman refused to marry Akanksha as he is in love with Neha. Dadi gets angry and decides to not let it happen.

Neeta asks Gayatri if everything is alright. Gayatri is worried over what Aman has told her. They get quiet as they notice Sunita and Neha. Neha tells that they have brought mehendi for Aman jija ji. Sunita gives the mehendi bowl to Gayatri. Neha picks up the bowl and the henna gets on her hands mistakenly. Gayatri notices it and gets disturbed. Neeta offers to bring tissue for her, but Neha tells her that she loves mehendi. Aman returns home and smiles seeing Neha catching feathers. She turns and falls on him. They share an eye lock. They start talking. Sunita comes there and leaves with Neha.

Dadi and Jayanti notice Sunita and Neha at their door. Dadi gets irked and goes to Anand’s house. Neha gets shocked seeing her. Anand greets Dadi worriedly. Aman gets a call from Akanksha. She asks him if he told his decision to Dadi. He says he has been waiting for her to return. Aman leaves for Agarwal House with Gayatri following him. Dadi badmouths about Neha. Anand takes Neha’s side. Dadi blames them for making Neha following Aman. She asks who will marry this mad girl. Sunita is in tears while everyone else is shocked. Aman comes there and agrees to marry Neha. Everyone get shocked. Dadi asks him to stay away from both Neha and Akanksha from now onwards. Aman refuses. Akanksha supports Aman. Aman takes Neha’s side and tells everyone that she isn’t mad but innocent. He requests Dadi to bless them if she really wishes for his happiness.

Dadi taunts Agarwal family and Gayatri. Anand confronts Aman and asks for an explanation, but doesn’t let him speak. Dida suggests him to hear Aman once. Aman apologizes to Anand. He tells them that he thought to convince Dadi before talking to them. Aman says I have realized that I can be happiest with Neha only. Everyone gets shocked. Aman asks for Neha’s hand in marriage. Sandeep asks him about Akanksha. Aman apologizes to Sandeep. He asks would it have been right with Akanksha if I married her? Akansha supports him and tells everyone that Neha loves Aman always. Sunita worries about answering to her relatives. Aman promises to make everyone agree for this alliance.

Akanksha consoles her mother and tells that Aman took time in taking this decision, but she is happy that he did the right thing before engagement. Anand decides to tell Neha once things are sorted out. Neha returns home with Suraj then. Neha senses tension in the house. Dida lies to her. Gayatri gives food to Dadi. Dadi asks her to get poison instead. Aman comes and asks her to eat. Dadi asks him not to marry Neha. Aman tells her that she isn’t mad but childish. Sandeep gets upset with Shagun when he comes to know that she knew it already. Dadi warns Gayatri that Neha won’t come in her house and asks her to convince Aman to get Neha’s thought out of his head. She swears not to eat anything till Aman agrees. Keep reading.