Bigg Boss 16’s Archana Gautam spotted in the city, netizens fat-shame her saying “pet to andr ja nhi rha hai”

MUMBAI: Archana Gautam is a model and politician who became one of the most popular contestants in the show Bigg Boss 16 and came up at the 4th position. Archana was known as someone who gave the audience a lot of content and entertained them with her presence.

As per reports, she has been part of beauty pageants and has a degree in Mass Communication. She was born in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. She was loved for her stint in the Bigg Boss 16 and she was known for her bold opinions and friendship and disagreements with Priyanka and other contestants. 

Archana has a massive fan following on social media and there are also many who love to troll her. Many are even comparing her personality with Rakhi Sawant. Recently the BB contestant was seen house hunting in the city and told the paps, “Mumbai mein toh alankar (means akaal) laga hua hai aache flats ka, ab yaha aayi hu dekhte hai kya hota hai yaha”

When the paps complimented her saying she is looking hot she replied with a checcky grin, “Hot toh main hoon na!”

Many have trolled Archana for her figure in the tight dress. One user said, “Pet nikalla h bhaiyyaa” another user wrote, “Ye Mumbai me rahegi kya , kya hua neta se ab abhineta Banna hai kya” One commented, “Rakhi Sawant 2.0”, One user wrote, “Konse jim me jati hai ye shemdiii pet to andr ja nhi rha hai baki sb andar ja rha hai.” Another one said, “Dekhna Bhaiya Uss Building ke log na Bhagne Lage” Referring her as ‘shemdi’ as used by BB winner MC Stan, one user wrote, “bhaiya fitness ki bhot need hai shemdi ko”

Previously too Archana Gautam has not been compared to Rakhi Sawant but also to former Bigg Boss contestant Dolly Bindra. 

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