Donal Bisht returns back to Mumbai to resume shoot for her web series The Socho Project

Actress Donal Bisht who’s famous for her role in Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji, is resuming her shoot for her musical web series, The Socho Project. The shoot is set to begin in the coming week, and the actress has left her hometown in Delhi to be present for shoot in Mumbai.

Talking about resuming the shoot, she says “I am really scared as there are so many cases in Mumbai. Although I’m excited to get to work, but it’s a little scary considering how contagious the illness is. But I guess work is work, and when work calls, one has to be available for the shoot as u hav signed to complete it!” The Roop actress says she has mixed feelings about resuming work but hopes that things stay safe considering all the safety precautions that will be followed on the shooting sets.

From creating the first-ever micro web series, Tia and Raj, inventing new food dishes, to initiating mental health awareness campaigns, Donal has kept herself quite busy during the lockdown and has been looking forward to resuming shoot again.

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