Madalsa Sharma Chakraborty on being part of Anupamaa: Happy to see that Kavvya inspires other women!

Madalsa Sharma Chakraborty is loving being part of the Rajan Shahi’s Anupamaa. The actor, who plays the role of Kavvya in the show, says that her fans are in awe of the character. “I feel blessed to receive such beautiful and strong compliments from people every day that I truly cherish. I get messages from women writing to me that Kavya really inspires them in many ways. Kavya’s personality and how strong she is motivates other women. This is, by far, the best compliment and it makes me so happy that I’m able to convey this strong message,” she says.

In fact, the actor decided to come on board as soon as she heard about her character. “The very first time I heard about my role, I was so charged up and excited to play Kavya. I worked on my character, the emotions and tried to add my touch to everything. The best part is that there are several shades to Kavya. Everything that happens in her life makes her react in a different way every time. This gives me the freedom to play and emote accordingly,” she says.

In fact, her mom, actor Sheela Sharma also loves watching Madalsa in the show. “My mother is very happy, she loves the show and watches it daily! I always learn from her and my mother’s inputs help me in my performance every day,” she says.

The actor says that there is a lot more in store for her fans. “The current twists and turns have made the show very exciting. There are a lot of unexpected twists yet to come. Stay tuned for lots of exciting drama in every episode!” she promises.

Meanwhile, the actor adds that working with Rajan Shahi is a treat as well. “I feel truly honoured to be working with Rajan sir. I’ve known sir since a while and I’ve looked up to sir and hold a lot of respect for him. I’ve always waited for an opportunity to be part of sir’s team and, touchwood, I feel blessed to have got this opportunity,” she says.

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