Prachi is thrown out of her inlaws’ home, Saanchi and Dhruv help her in Sony’s Jee Le Zara

Jee Le Zara celebrated holi with its star cast. Suparna makes Saanchi and Dhruv drink Bhaang. They get drink and dance on the song Itna Mazaa Kyun Aaraha Hain………Everyone are happy to see their dance performance except Yash, Suparna and Anway. Suparna makes plan with Ankita to push Saanchi in the colored water. Suparna brings Saanchi near the water and pushes her but she herself falls in the water. Saanchi laughs at her. Ankita accuses Saanchi for pushing Suparna. Saanchi tells everyone that she didn’t push Suparna and she was the one who pushed her but falls herself. Everyone laughs at Suparna. Neena asks everyone to holi.

In the morning, Yash scolds Saanchi and Dhruv for pushing Suparna. Dhruv takes Saanchi’s side and tells him that Saanchi did the right thing with Ankita. She didn’t push Suparna. Dhruv tells them that Suparna made them eat the bhaang dahi puri. Yash goes to US for his business. He asks Dhruv to handle the business in his absence and asks Anway to help him. Anway is shocked and jealous.

Later Saanchi sees Isha’s husband Arvind on the road. Isha’s kids call him papa but he doesn’t see them. They come home and informs Isha that they have seen Papa. Isha says, he is in Germany. Saanchi confirms to have seen Arvind on the road. Everyone are shocked while Isha is tensed. Saanchi tells the kids that she might have misunderstood. Dhruv comes and asks Isha about Arvind. He shows her some papers. He tells her that Arvind did a fraud of 150 crores and now running for his life. Isha gets angry on Saanchi and Dhruv. She accuses Saanchi for making her life difficult. She tells that Arvind didn’t do the fraud. His consignment got rejected and that’s why he couldn’t repay the money to the investors. Anway asks Isha to stay at their home until Arvind resolves the matter.

Dhruv decides to go back to Panchgani as he can’t see Saanchi getting insulted in his house. Saanchi makes him understand that it is their house and the family will take time to understand her. She says, she can’t be happy without them. Dhruv says, you are too good. Later Isha realizes her mistake and apologizes to Saanchi.

Dhruv goes to the study to work on the presentation. Saanchi comes there and makes him eat the food. Dhruv tells her that the data is not matching with the presentation. Saanchi offers her help and works on the presentation. Dhruv thanks her for working all night for his presentation. He offers her job as his assistant. Saanchi gets excited. Dhruv tells everyone about his decision to get Saanchi involved in family business. Anway opposes his idea and asks Saanchi to rest at home.

Prachi comes home and starts crying. Nani and Aaji consoles her. Aaji calls Saanchi and tells her about Prachi’s miscarriage. Saanchi is shocked and starts crying. Saanchi informs Neena that Prachi’s inlaws blaming Prachi for the miscarriage and have thrown her out of the house. She calls on Sunil’s number. Sunil’s mom tells Saanchi that they don’t want Prachi in their house and tells her that they are filing for divorce as Prachi can’t be a mum again. Saanchi is shocked. Dhruv comes home. Saanchi tells him everything. Dhruv asks her to ask Prachi and Dilshaad to come to Mumbai. Saanchi agrees.

Dhruv thinks to take the second opinion from the gynaec. Neena suggests her Doctor friend Mrs. Agarwal. Prachi comes and hugs Saanchi. Neena talks with Prachi like a mother. Dhruv asks them about their stuff. Dilshaad replies that they are staying in the hotel. Dhruv asks them to stay at his house. Saanchi refuses but Dhruv insists them to stay. They agree. Ankita comes and taunts Prachi saying adoption is always an option. Dilshaad answers her saying until when you will stay unmarried as Dhruv is married now. Ankita feels insulted. Saanchi tells Suparna that Dilshaad has just replied to Ankita’s words.

Dhruv calls Addu but his phone is not reachable. Saanchi says, we will go and meet him once Prachi is fine. Suparna thinks to throw Saanchi out of the house with her family. She asks Ankita to start dreaming about Dhruv.

Saanchi cooks food for everyone. Neena praises her. Dilshaad says, Saanchi is a good housewife too. Anway says, Dhruv will soon retire as Saanchi is involving in business. Saanchi says, we are good as a team and incomplete without each other. Dilshaad and Suparna taunt each other. Dhruv meets Sunil in his office and makes him understand about the importance of a wife in life. Sunil says, he let Prachi go for her own good as his mom doesn’t like her. Sunil tells him about his financial problems. Dhruv offers him a project. Sunil thanks and hugs him.

Doctor Agarwal comes and checks Prachi. She tells Saanchi that Prachi is alright and her reports are normal. She can become a mother again. Prachi gets happy. Doctor says, you are not even 30 and the problem happens only if the women is beyond 30. Saanchi gets tensed thinking about her age. Doctor asks Prachi to come to her hospital for the advanced test. Dilshaad asks Saanchi to speak to Dhruv about the baby. Saanchi tells Dhruv that Prachi is normal. She tells about the complication older women suffers. Dhruv says, Prachi is young, let them enjoy life. Saanchi tells him about her wish to have a child. Dhruv says, I am not ready, I am not even 30. Saanchi looks shocked. Keep reading Jee Le Zara.