Ram and Priya to decide about their future in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Last week Ram gets a call and he immediately leaves for Mumbai without informing Priya as she was sleeping. Ram leaves a letter for her but she doesn’t see it. She enquires from the receptionalist about Ram. Receptionalist tells her that Ram checked out in the morning. Priya thinks Pihu might have created some problem so Ram had to leave in urgency.Suhani meets Natasha on the road. She tells her about Ram being Priya’s new boss. Natasha thinks to ask about Sammy and Pihu but keeps quiet. Natasha asks her to take care of herself else Priya will be angry on her. Priya check out from the hotel and is returning back home. She recalls how Pihu misbehaved with her. She also recalls her sweets moments with Ram. She calls at Ram’s office and enquires about him. She is told by the office staff that Ram is back.

Even though Sammy married Pihu with his own wish but he is madly in love with Suhani. He couldn’t accept the fact that Pihu is his wife now. He comes to Suhani and tells her that she is making him mad and he couldn’t love Pihu. Suhani asks her to go to the doctor. Sammy asks her, why he couldn’t forget her. Khush comes and asks Sammy to stay away from Suhani. They start fighting on the road. People gather there and watches the fight. Police intervenes and stop the fight. Suhani slaps him and blames him for Pihu’s sufferings. She make it clear to him that her child’s father is Khush and not him. She tells him that she hates him and loves Khush. She holds Khush’s hand and leaves. Sammy sees them surprisingly.

Sammy comes home. Cady calls Pihu and informs her about Sammy’s arrival. Pihu is shocked as she is still in Delhi. She books the flight to Mumbai. Khush and Suhani come back home. Suhani applies medicines on his wounds. Her tears fall on his hand. He asks, are you crying for Sammy? Suhani says no. She says, Sammy doesn’t know what he wants. He is a confused person. He is running behind the things which he don’t have. She says, I sacrificed for Ram and Priya but they are not together. Khush offers his help if she wants to unite with Sammy.

Rajat calls Priya but she doesn’t pick his call. He thinks to meet her personally. Priya comes to the office and asks about Ram. She goes to her cabin and take a decision for Pihu’s sake. She thinks of resigning from her job. She writes her resignation letter.

Sid and Juhi discuss about arranging the money. Juhi tells Sid that they will see if Ram comes to know about the stealing of the cheque. Pihu comes home with her luggage and is annoyed. Juhi enquires her about her honeymoon and Sammy. Pihu tells her that Ram and Priya were together in Delhi and they just pretended to be separated. She says to Juhi, if you were not married to Sid then I would have get you married to Ram. She even insults her mother and calls her a witch. Mamaji provokes Pihu against Priya and asks her to fight against Priya. He warns her saying everything will go to Priya and she will be left empty handed. Priya comes to Ram’s cabin and keeps the resignation letter on the table. Ram comes from the washroom and sees Priya’s resignation letter. He remembers his beautiful moments with Priya and Pihu’s insulting words for Priya.

Cady comes to Khush’s home and tells them about Rajat. She tells them that Priya will be at home in any moment. She sees wounds on Khush’s face and enquires about it. Khush tells her about the fight with someone. He doesn’t take Sammy’s name. He says, he can do anything for Suhani. Cady is happy for them.

Pihu is upset with Sammy as he lied to her. She insults Suhani infront of him, Sammy slaps her and warns her not to speak badly about her. Suhani comes home and sees Priya. She asks her about Ram. Priya says, he didn’t trouble her. She tells her about Pihu creating a scene in the hotel and tells her that she resigned from her job. Suhani asks her not to sacrifice everything for Pihu. She says, Pihu got Sammy and you are separated from Ram. Priya goes tomeet Natasha.

Rajat calls Suhani and asks her about Priya. Suhani tells him that she isn’t at home. He disconnects the call. He sees Priya buying veggies on the road. He recalls his moments with Priya and Priya confessing her love for Ram. He follows her in his car. He gets down from his car and sees Natasha. Natasha tells him that she will check Priya’s mood and then will inform him.

Natasha talks with Priya and asks her to take a stand for her happiness. She asks her to forget about Pihu and save her relationship with Ram. Natasha tells her that even though your sacrificed have gone waste as Pihu and Sammy are not happy. She asks her to get back to Ram. Priya is scared of Pihu as she doesn’t want to hurt her. Rajat hears everything as he stands outside the door.

Ram calls Priya and asks her to meet him. Priya agrees. She tells Natasha about Ram calling her. Pihu talks with Priya’s photo and says she won’t allow her to enter Kapoor Mansion else her relation with Sammy will break. Rajat tells everything to Cady. Ram and Priya are walking on the road and remembers the moments spent with each other. They are on the way to meet each other. Priya remembers Natasha’s words to think about uniting with Ram.