Rihanna is Ayushi Khurana’s fashion icon

MUMBAI : Ayushi Khurana, who is currently seen playing the titular role in the TV show ‘Ajooni’ talks about her look in the serial and says that pop star Rihanna is her fashion icon and she loves her style.

Ayushi started her career as a stylish and with the money she earned, she came to Mumbai to fulfill her dream of becoming an actress.

She says: “Comfort is my number one style motto. Style refers to a person’s own way of expressing oneself. Being an actress has always been my dream.”

“And styling is just a passion that has evolved into a career. Since I couldn’t start out as an actress, I started styling to manage my expenses. Once I had saved up some cash, I came to Mumbai to pursue my goal.”

“Rihanna is my fashion icon; I adore how she handles herself. I’ve always looked up to her as my fashion inspiration since she can look good in any outfit, but when I style myself, I also prioritise my comfort and how I feel. Since comfort is my number one fashion tenet, I often try to keep things simple, stylish, and bohemian.”

She shares fashion tips: “I have a few fashion rules that I live by and would advise my followers to follow: buy less, mix and match, buy only after trying something on to prevent regret, and most importantly, always dress for yourself and never for anybody else.”

Ayushi plays a brave and daring girl Ajooni in the show. It also stars Shoaib Ibrahim in the lead.

‘Ajooni’ airs on Star Bharat.

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