Samaira locks Aditya in Mohanto’s vault, Mohanto gets angry at him, Samaira then takes the blame on herself in Sony’s Main Naa Bhoolungi.

In Main Na Bhoolungi, Samaira and Aditya go to the doctor’s clinic. Some goons planted by Neeraj and Samaira tries to misbehave with Samaira. Aditya gets angry and fights with them. They laugh on Aditya for going to sex therapist and beats Aditya. Samaira takes him home and thinks she will never allow him to see the doctor. Samaira lies to Mohanto and Sunaina about Aditya falling off the hotel stairs. She takes him to their room and shows fake concern. She applies hot water compresses on his wound. He says it is hot. She says, you will be fine.

Samaira tells that she gave sleeping pills to Madhu and she will be fine soon. Mohanto informs everyone that he has decided to send Madhu to the mental asylum again. Mohanto goes to her room and apoliogizes to her for not being able to help her. He says, he doesn’t have any other option than to send her to mental asylum. Madhu cries. Mohanto is about to take Madhu to the mental asylum, just then Samaira comes there with a doctor. Neeraj comes indisguise of Dr. Awasthi and says he can treat Madhu. Mohanto agrees.

Mohanto calls his lawyer and makes his will. He says, I have decided about my empire’s legal heir. Aditya wonders who is his heir. Aditya questions Samaira as why she hired Neeraj as he knows their secrets. Samaira asks him to relax and says he knows only money language. She hugs him. Neeraj brings Mahi’s boyfriend Nimesh home and tells Sudha and Avinash that Mahi and Nimesh love each other a lot even after separation. He asks them to get them married. Avinash agrees and asks Neeraj to call Nimesh’s parents.

Neeraj goes to Madhu as Dr. Awasthi and tells her that her father has sent him to treat her. Madhu tells him that she is not really mad as Shikha is trying to prove her mad and is responsible for her condition. Neeraj shows his real face to Madhu scaring her. Samaira comes and asks Neeraj to be strict with Madhu. He threatens to give injection to Madhu if she sleeps in the night. He asks her to be awake whole night as a punishment. Madhu agrees. Aditya comes to Madhu and very cleverly asks her to tell the vault number and says he will help her.

Madhu falls in his trap and tells the number of Mohanto’s vault. Aditya asks Neeraj to stay with Madhu else she might sleep. Madhu gets shocked to see Aditya betraying her again. Madhu finds hard to control herself from getting sleep. Aditya takes vault keys from Mohanto’s room. Samaira asks him about the keys. Aditya tells her everything about Mohanto’s will. Samaira asks him to wait. Aditya says, Mohanto can transfer all his property on Madhu’s name and he will lose the property as he is not her husband anymore.

Samaira insists to accompany him. Aditya agrees. Madhu falls asleep. Neeraj is about to inject her, Madhu wakes up and pleads with him. Aditya and Samaira go to the vault room. Samaira is surprised to see Mohanto’s wealth. She thinks to teach a lesson to Aditya. She tells him that she will wait outside as she is feeling short of breath. She locks him and goes out. Neeraj collides with Aarya, Aarya thinks she had seen him somewhere. Aditya asks Samaira to take him out. Samaira thinks, he shall die inside.

Samaira informs Neeraj that Aditya is locked in the vault and asks him till when a person can be alive there. Neeraj says one day. She gets happy. Samaira comes to attend Mahi’s roka ceremony and says she cross checked about Nimesh. He is a good guy. Mahi and Sudha get happy to see Manav. Samaira gifts chain to Mahi. Everyone waits for Nimesh’s family to come. Nimesh comes with his parents. Sudha and Avinash welcome them. Shikha gets emotional and looks at Mahi from far as Nimesh’s family thinks she is dead.

Mahi and Nimesh get engaged and exchanges the ring. Everyone get happy and shares a hug. Aditya’s secretary calls Mohanto and informs him that he didn’t come to office today. Mohanto calls her but his number is out of reach. Samaira comes back and sleeps peacefully on the bed and thinks pity on Aditya. Aditya sleeps in the vault and wakes up in the morning. Samaira comes to Mohanto and informs him that Aditya didn’t come home since night and pretends to be worried for him. Sunaina asks Mohanto to call the police. Samaira tells him that she saw some strange keys in Aditya’s hands.

Mohanto gets shocked and checks his vault keys. He goes to the vault and opens it to see Aditya locked inside. Aditya gets shocked too. Samaira acts to be concerned for him. Mohanto and Sunaina come back. Mohanto gets angry at Aditya and scolds him. He calls him greedy and thinks he wanted to read his will. Samaira enjoys the conversation and then tells Mohanto that she wished to see the vault. Aditya just fulfilled her wish and took her inside, but got locked inside. She asks Mohanto to forgive Aditya. Keep reading.