Yudh determines to find the culprit behind the hospital blast, he suspects Dharmesh’s son Anuj, Yudh shocked to know that he suffers from the Huntington’s disease in Sony’s Yudh.

Yudh is the story of Yudhistir. A rich businessman, he owns a construction company known as Shanti Constructions. He is diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, which leaves him with a few years to live. Yudh gets ready and leaves in his car for his office. He calls the commissioner and tells about seeing the Burhani flyover and it would last for only 10 years. Commissioner tells him that let the next commissioner worry about it. He invites him for tea. Yudh comes to the office. Some reporters come to him to cover the story of Burhani flyover. Yudh talks with his friend about Burhani flyover and gets tensed saying many people will die if the bridge collapses. Yudh’s second wife Nayantara scolds her son for playing video games. Rishi says, he couldn’t concentrate on studies. Nayantara asks him to be like his father and not like his nana. She asks him to think practical.

Yudh meets his teacher and tells about his business and says he is now rich. Teacher says your experience, talent, etc will not betray you any time, but people will. Nayantara calls Yudh and asks him to pick Ranjan from jail as he is releasing today. Yudh tells her that he is busy with work today. Yudh secretary informs him Dr. Mehra bringing a specialist for him. Rishi picks Ranjan from jail and takes him home. Anand and his secretary meet contractor and inform that Yudh is against illegal construction. Later Ranjan gets involved with some goons regarding his property issue. Anand goes to his rescue and asks the Inspector not to drag their names.

Yudh meets minister. Minister says think about your dream and forget about mining. Yudh says he has responsibility of 10,000 people and cannot leave work. Anand scolds Mona/Yudh’s secretary for publishing the news as the contractor thinking that Yudh betrayed them. Anand asks Yudh to send Rishi abroad else his maternal people will spoil him. Yudh gets severe pain in his hands. He opens the cabin door and finds a doctor and a girl. He talks to the girl first and gets emotional. He asks about her mom and wishes to eat halwa prepared by her mom. The girl informs him that she is working with the NGO and needs financial help. Yudh agrees to send her money. Then doctor checks Yudh and informs him that he has Huntington disease/neuropsychological disorder and its symptoms. Yudh asks about it. Doctor says he has 3-5 years. Yudh says he has responsibility of 10,000 people and he does not want anyone to know about his illness.

Yudh reaches home. A man informs him that municipal general hospital will fall down today and asks him to save the people. Yudh rushes to the hospital and asks his daughter to vacate the hospital immediately. Anand comes there. Yudh runs to save his daughter Taruni. Yudh goes unconscious while murmuring Taruni’s name and was taken in an ambulance with oxygen mask on. Nayantara asks Ranjan to stay away from Rishi. Yudh gets well after an injection and asks Anand about Taruni. He says she is fine. Yudh goes to see Taruni and sees Gauri by her side. He asks Gauri not to worry about bill. Gauri tells him that Taruni will insist to shift to a govt hospital once she gets conscious. She asks him to convince Taruni and her dad, Jeet. Yudh requests him not to take taruni from this hospital, but Jeet says he couldn’t afford the bill.

Yudh meets commissioner regarding the hospital fall. Commissioner thinks to held an enquiry. A man handed some evidence to Yudh’s secretary Mona and goes. Nayantara asks Yudh about his injury. He tells her about the hospital fall. She says, she would have sent Rishi. Yudh says, he must be busy with his mama. Yudh and Mona watch hospital collapse’s evidence CD. Anand suggests him to give this CD to contractor. Yudh says he cannot someone let his and his company’s name tarnish. Yudh calls the press and tells them that hospital building collapsed because of explosion and not because of structural damage. He asks Mona to play the video. His hands starts shaking and he goes from there. Contractor’s son thinks to blackmails Yudh by showing him Rishi’s CD. Doctor checks Yudh and gives him medicines. Yudh sleep and dreams of a clown. He holds doctor’s collar and says he does not want to die. Ranjan comes to the hospital and tells Anandi that the 3 accused of building collapsed were with him in jail. He asks Anand to give him money. Yudh tells Nayantara that he wants to tell her something important. Rishi comes and asks her to pack his bags. Yudh gets a dream again about the clown and wakes up profusely sweating.

Yudh goes with Rishi to a mining contract bidding venue. Yudh asks Rishi to stop tweeting about the minister, else they may lose the contract. Yudh gets the contract. They get happy. Ranjan meets his goon friend and asks him to get info about the hospital bomb blast culprits. Doctor comes to see Nayan as she has low BP and was over stressed. Yudh takes care of her. Yudh gets a call from commissioner who congratulates him for winning mining contract and asks him to switch on news channel. Yudh switches on TV and sees news that shanti construction’s CD was fake and shows commissioner’s interview who says those 3 culprits are criminals and are in jail. Yudh gets annoyed. Yudh says Anand he would have listen to him. Anuj malik says to commissioner that he knew Yudh will allege someone, so he hired a person who used jailed criminals to perform crime. Anuj says someone leaked the info from our house. Anand and Yudh meet the helper who gave CD to Mona. He refuses to help them further and tells that the CD is original not fake.

Yudh’s employee informs him that he is getting threatening calls from naxalites. Yudh asks about Rishi. He says he is in his room. Employees breaks the door and gives call to Rishi. Rishi and employee travels towards mining area. Anand calls Yudh and informs him that he got an info about the 3 accused from jail. Yudh gets a call from Gautam who informs that there is enquiriy going and even he may be under scanner. Nayan meets Anuj’s wife Mamta in the club who tells her that she felt bad about Yudh and leaves her confused. Mamta meets her love and informs about her pregnancy. Anand meets jailer and asks him to show the footage of hospital bomb blast day, but the footage is missing. Inspector enters the jail and kills the 3 accused. Anand informs Yudh about the criminal’s death.

Yudh reaches Ashish’s house and tells him that he came to know everything about his affair and also his involvement in the hospital mishap. Ashish says he wanted evidence against Anuj and was quiet. Yudh says many people were killed because of Anuj. Someone send a CD of Mamta with Ashish to Anuj. Anuj gets shocked to see his wife having a extramarital affair with Ashish. Someone kills Mamta shocking Anuj. Ashish sees news about Mamta’s murder and gets angry. Anuj is alleges for his wife’s murder.

Mukesh Chabbra, MD of a news channel meets Yudh and asks what did his channel do that he kept away his channel from Mamata’s murder news. Yudh gets angry and kicks him out of his cabin. Yudh takes his medicines and relaxes. Anand asks him to go home and rest. Yudh goes home with Mona. Mona tells Nayantara about Mukesh. Nayantara blames herself for not being able to take care of Yudh. Anand asks Mukesh not to take Yudh’s anger personally. Mukesh determines to teach him a lesson. Anand and his wife Preeti discuss about their son disability. Mona sees the news , Dharmesh alleging that Yudh trapped his son Anuj in his wife’s murder.

Mona informs Yudh that Mukesh has his team spy on you. Yudh says once it is proved Anuj is behind hospital blast, he will not come out of jail. Naxalites follow Rishi while he buys the cricket stuff from the shop. They keep an eye on Rishi. Doctor checks Yudh. He says his stress will increase his illness and asks him be relaxed. Yudh asks Mona to handle Dharmesh. Taruni is shocked to hear news about Yudh. Keep reading.