Uorfi Javed gets a Fangilr moment; poses with youtuber Kusha Kapila

MUMBAI: Tvnation is back with yet another story from the entertainment world. This time, we bring to you a story on how Uorfi Javed gets her fangirl moment when she meets Kusha Kapila.

Uorfi has been gauging the attention of fans over her creative fashion choices and DIY clothing and comes up with unconventional choices when it comes to styling her outfits. She is often papped for the same reasons and goes viral over her bold videos.

Uorfi is bold when making a statement and unabashed about her choices; something that is giving her both fame and something that even gets negative attention from people who don’t approve of her choices. She is known to deal with trollers and considers them a part of being in the public eye.

She recently also attended an event hosted by renowned Fashion designers- Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla and netizens applauded her spirit. She has definitely come a long way and if this video is any proof, Uorfi has bought herself a new car.

At the same event she posed with many celebrities like Susanne Khan and now, she posted a story about fangirling on youtuber Kusha Kapila who was also present at the event. Kusha recently posted pictures of the night and Uorfi shared one with her.

Uorfi is climbing the ladder of success each day and paving her own path with utmost confidence and is catching the public eye. She looked happy to meet Kusha and they both posed happily at the party.

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