Bigg Boss 16: Exclusive! Priyanka Chahar Choudhary wins the task and gets This Special Power

MUMBAI: The new season of Bigg Boss has begun and the audience has given it a big thumbs up! The show is doing well for itself.

The second week of the show has begun and so much has already happened in the house the contestants have had some disagreements as well.

We saw how Archana and Shalin’s fight in the house became the topic of discussion where only Tina and Sumbul were seen standing by Shalin, whereas the rest of the contestants were on Archana’s side.
We saw how Sajid lost his cool and demanded that Bigg Boss evict Shalin and this is against the rules of Bigg Boss.

On the other hand, we also saw how Gautam became the captain of the house and how he got the power to nominate contestants for this week.

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Now, during the live feed the first task of the show happened our very own Priyanka Chahar Choudhary won the task and she got special powers after her victory.

She got a chance to exchange the bedrooms of the contestants, and check out the rooms allotted to the contestants by Priyanka :

Room Number 2 : Shalin and Archana

Room Number 3 : Nimrit, Sreejita, Tina

Room Number 4 : Ankit, Priyanka, Soundarya Sharma, Sumbul

Room Number 6 : Abdu, Sajid, MC Stan, Shiv, Gori, and Manya

Priyanka was seen telling Ankit that there is a reason why she has kept Sumbul and Soundarya with them.

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