Even after featuring in popular shows, nobody knows me by my name; I am participating for recognition: Vidhi Pandya

Bigg Boss OTT is over and as the show gears up for its next leg which will be hosted by Salman Khan, a lot of new faces are expected to grace the show. Vidhi Pandya is one of the contestants on the show and today, in an exclusive conversation with her, she shares her excitement to be a part of the show.

Take a look:

As we’ve seen Bigg Boss in OTT so do you think that you have that kind of aggression as it has become very crucial?

I don’t think aggression is important, being real and raw is very very important to be in the show and win it, and it’s important that show works on aggression, definitely it catches a little eye and audience like to watch only genuine fights and I have aggression only when it’s required otherwise I am not aggressive as a personality.

What is going to be your strategy?

I don’t have any strategy or I will have other than I am performing a task, and react the way the things go and planning plotting will only be there when I am performing a task.

Sometimes when you want to put a point but the person opposite to you is so loud that you can’t, so what will you do in that situation?

If the person is shouting I will find a way to my point because it is important to be heard and I am a great listener and I have great amount of patience sometimes and sometimes I don’t have any and I will definitely put across my point.

We’ve seen you as a very sweet girl but this is a show where you have to be strong , so what are your strengths and what are your weaknesses?

My weakness is I might end up trusting someone very easily, I will not show that person that I have trust but internally I will trust and I can be an emotional fool sometimes, but the strong part is I am very strong when it comes to my opinion and I am very firm .

In this show you need to be strong and if someone attacks you on personal level or something like that so what will you do?

I don’t know, I don’t want to go on a hypothetical situation and pressurise myself on negative thoughts because I have play each day and I don’t have to think and keep the thoughts when I enter the house.

So what was your thought when you first approached Bigg Boss?

My thought initially was I was not meant for it but then after a lot of thinking and for professional growth I ended up doing it.

Where do you see yourself after Bigg Boss?

I am going with the positive energy in the Bigg Boss house , when I come out I am blessed with great projects and I am an artist, I love acting, I do acting because I love doing it , fame is something I want but more than that I want to just act my whole life. I am here for recognition.

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